Alizarin Red S

Price for: 1 kilogram
360.00 грн

Alizarin Red S C14H7NaO7S (Chrome Red Alizarine; Alizarin Carmine; 1,2-Digidroksiantrahinon-3-sulfonic acid Na salt; CAS No.: 130-22-3) - a homogeneous powder of yellow-brown color with a melting point 300 degrees C. Alizarin Red S is obtained by the sulfonation of alizarin with oleum at 170 deg. C. It colors the wool in scarlet color along the aluminum mordant and in the color of the bordeaux along the chrome. It is characterized by high resistance to light, washing and felling. Alizarin Red S is a reagent for photometric determination of aluminum, scandium, yttrium, fluorine.

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