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1,5-Diphenylcarbazide C13H14N4O (1,5-diphenylcarbohydrazide; CAS No.: 140-22-7) - white crystals with a melting point of 174-175°C; poorly soluble in water, well - in hot ethanol, acetone, glacial acetic acid. Unstable in the light and in the air.

It is obtained by reacting urea with phenylhydrazine followed by purification from 1-phenylsemicarbazide.

Used for the photometric determination of Cr (VI), Hg, Cd, Os, Rh, Tc; as an indicator for mercury titration of halides and cyanides. The Sn(H4R)2Cl2 complex on a solid carrier is a sensitive reagent for the determination of O3 and NO2 in air. Diphenylcarbazide is used as an electron donor in the study of photosystems of photosynthesis I and II.

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